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C.C.P.I. In The Claremont Courier

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  We will be in the Claremont Courier in November so everyone go out and grab you a paper there free.  The Claremont Courier is distributed throughout Claremont, Oxford, Catawba,Terrell, Sherrills Ford, Conover, Denver & Newton. If you would like to check out the site hears the link  http/  We would like to thank the owner and publisher of the paper Scott Ramsey for the interest in our group and taking the time to interview us for this article.



Seeking answers for the unexplained

Catawba County Paranormal

Investigators bring a scientific approach to explaining the unexplained.


CLAREMONT – Over the last few years TV programs such as “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Adventures,” and “Ghost Lab,” have put a lot of attention towards paranormal investigations, the people that search for answers as to what causes this type of activity. And in case you were not aware, there is even a paranormal investigation organization based in Claremont. The Catawba County Paranormal Investigators (CCPI) is an active group of people, who are always searching for the answers to this unexplained phenomenon.

CCPI was founded by Johnathan Isenhour (lead investigator), and co-founders, Crystal Dollarhyde (investigator and organization representative) and Anna Messer (investigator and researcher) in 2007. In that time, CCPI has conducted numerous paranormal investigations around the area, and some with very shocking results. Currently the organization has seven members, and some of the area locations CCPI has conducted investigations at include the Old St. Paul’s Evangel Lutheran Church cemetery in Newton, Bunker Hill Covered Bridge in Claremont, St. John’s Lutheran Church grounds in Conover, Eastview Cemetery in Newton and numerous private residences that have reported paranormal activity with photographs and electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recordings.

“We have seen a steady increase in people showing an interest in paranormal investigations over the last few years,” stated Isenhour. “When we go into a house or building to do an investigation, the first thing we do is try to explain what may be causing this type of activity. A lot of times the things people think are paranormal, may be caused by faulty wiring or structural damage. We always come into an investigation with a lot of questions, and if we find sufficient evidence we will come back in to do a thorough investigation.”

When CCPI does a full investigation, the team uses a lot of the same equipment seen in the paranormal investigation TV shows. “We use equipment like infrared night cameras to document our investigation, EVP voice recorders to record voices and sounds, EMF meters to measure the magnitude and direction of a magnetic field, thermometers to detect temperature fluctuations, digital cameras to document activity, and trigger objects to get a response from any spirits,” Isenhour said.

In addition, Isenhour said that most investigations are done at night, due to the fact that more activity seems to happen after the sun goes down. “We see the most activity around 3 a.m., which is know as the witching hour, but paranormal activity can happen at any time of the day,” said Isenhour. There also seems to be a lot of activity around bodies of water, and certain types of rocks like quartz.”

Isenhour, Dollarhyde and Messer are no strangers to the paranormal, and all claimed to have had personal experiences long before forming CCPI. Isenhour’s first experience was at the age of 14, Dollarhyde had her first experience at the age of 15, and Messer had experiences starting at the age of 5. Even though they have all experienced things that are unexplainable, Isenhour seems to be the one member that activity happens to the most. “Paranormal activity seems to follow Johnathan around more than anybody else involved with CCPI,” said Dollarhyde. Isenhour’s work with the paranormal has even led him to become an official member of the “Ghost Adventures” TV show in 2009, and he was also awarded a Community Outreach Award by The CCPI Web site was also named a Top 100 Paranormal Site by

One would think that the members of CCPI are fearless when they do an investigation, but according to Isenhour, Dollarhyde and Messer they have all been afraid at one time or another during their investigations. “Even though we have all been afraid of some of the unexplained events that have happened to us at one time or another, it has never stopped us from doing our jobs as paranormal investigators,” said Isenhour.

CCPI is available to do an investigation at any home, property or business free of charge, however donations are accepted so the team can buy new equipment and batteries for their existing equipment. CCPI is also currently accepting new members to join their investigation team, but anyone interested is asked to be serious. Experience in paranormal investigations is preferred, but CCPI members are available to teach anyone how to operate their equipment

For more information, questions, to request a home, property or business paranormal investigation or to become a member of the Catawba County Paranormal Investigators, you can e-mail to [email protected] or visit the Catawba County Paranormal Investigators Web site at


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(This is the film C.C.P.I. will be in) 

  The1st area that the film will be shown is The Lincoln Cultural Centerlocated in Lincolnton NC. Where Haunted Fetters had its debut. Thatdate for the showing at The Cultural center is set for October 29th2010 at 7pm. It will start just a little after 7pm, so guest can havetime to get there.

Thesecond location has been set for the St.Stephens Branch Library locatedon Springs road in Hickory NC. The time at the library is 6pm. If youwold like more information on the film and how to get the dvd contact