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If you would like your paranormal group featured here please message me and ill put your group photo up and link it to your website. Thanks C.C.P.I.


Hi, and welcome to  C.C.P.I.  Catawba County Paranormal Investigators. This site was created for paranormal groups and people who are having paranormal activity. We are located in claremont NC, and expand in a few other states  such as VA, SC, an PA. If you would like to contact us for an ivestigation or to share a paranormal experience please email Johnathan at [email protected] and we will respond

  Hiddenite Paranormal Investigations, with it's 7 member team, was founded on 4/1/09 to offer help, to people with possible paranormal issues and scientifically, search for answers..

  My name Is Robert. I am the Founder . of south paranormal investigators here in la feria texas.We take a scientific approach to conferming & debunking paranormal activity.

Orlando Paranormal Investigations


Paranormal investigators

My name is Jimmy Morris, I am the founder of Texas Paranormal Research and the host of Ghost Chatter Radio on the Para X Radio Network powered by CBS.  I am a 17 year veteran of paranormal investigating and speak at conferences across the country.  I am currently working on my first book and am currently published in Americas Most Proclaimed Haunted History.

The KnightZone brings new and interesting investigative chat.We seek the truth from every facet of the diamond we call Earth,and understanding of Universal events. Metaphysical, Paranormal, Universal codes & Prophecies all playing a role in this mixed up world called Terra Firma.


I am the founder of Paranormal Minnesota or ParaMN. I been involved in the paranormal feilds for 5 years but believe my whole life with experinces. visit my website at

Hi my name is Frances Nottingham and I am the founder of Spirit Trackers Of Texas. I have recently wrote a book called " A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal." We have been established since Dec 2007 I have had personal experiences since the age of four. You may purchase the soft back version or Ebook version at my site

Sussex Paranormal Investigators

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